Bypasses Explained V1 and V2

Most of our kits offer 3 bypasses; Parking Brake, Speed Sensor and Reversing Camera. These bypasses are often referred to as Nav hacks, unlocks or overrides. So what are they and what’s the big deal?

Parking Brake Bypass:
This fools the AV unit to think that the parking brake is on even when it isn’t.  
Why is this important? Well, without the bypass the AV unit will not display a video feed on the screen unless the parking brake is on. We use this on the GT-R kit for viewing the front camera while parking. While this modification technically also permits a DVD or other video source to be played while driving, this should not be used by the driver, that is not our intention and we take no responsibility for any misuse of this modification.
Please note that on most recent vehicles both the Parking Brake bypass and Speed Sensor bypass (discussed below) are required to display a video feed while moving (Video in motion/VIM/AV Hack).

Our Remote Bypass Unit offers two configurations for the Parking Brake Bypass:
The first is such that the AV will think that the parking brake is permanently on regardless of the state. This is by far the most common configuration.

A common question is “are there any downsides of the permanent bypass?”

The answer is no, not really. The bypass doesn’t cause any warning lights etc and the only real downside (if you can call it that) is if a Nissan dealer was to run the AV diagnostics it would show the Parking Brake as on regardless of its state

If you select the switched option then the default state is always factory and in this state the bypass kit will be completely undetected. The downside is you have to press the button every time you want to activate it

Speed Sensor Bypass

Similar to the Parking Brake bypass, this fools the AV unit into thinking the car isn’t moving.

Why is this important? Well, because many of the options such as the phone keypad and entering a street address are disabled when the car is moving >5mph. This means a passenger can't enter an address for you as is possible with many other brands of vehicles.  
With most recent year models, before allowing video playback on the screen it checks the car isn’t moving. The speed bypasses fools the AV system into thinking the car isn't moving. As mentioned above the parking brake bypass is also required to be active to allow video playback.

A common question is why can’t this be bypassed permanently like the Parking Brake?” and there is a very good reason. The downside of the speed bypass is related to Satellite Navigation. While the speed sensor bypass is activated the Navigation current location will become frozen or very slow to update. Basically, the bypass tells the AV unit that the car isn't moving (speed=0) and then the Navigation System being a little too smart for it's own good says; if the car isn’t moving then why bother to update the cars location (even though the satellite location would be correct).

When you turn the speed bypass off it may take a few seconds (15-30) to correct the location, but it will catch up. The car plots the location based on two things, the GPS signal and the speed and direction of the car. What happens is it will start to update the location based on the speed input alone but the next time it checks the GPS signal it will correct the location.

Reversing Camera

This bypass or override allows you to view the rear camera without having to engage reverse. The rear camera will still come on when you engage reverse, just like before.

A common question is “are there are any side effects to the reversing camera override?” and the answer is no. It doesn’t make the reversing lights turn on or the annoying reversing beeps or anything like that. It simply displays the rear camera.