About Car Kit Company

Our company is dedicated to supplying kits that enable people with little to no technical abilities to achieve modifications that were previously reserved for the technical, brave or both. 

Our goal is to create kits that require no cutting of wires, no drilling, no soldering and can be installed by anyone prepared to follow the instructions. Even for those who wouldn't consider changing a fuse themselves, the cost of having any of our kits installed by a professional should be drastically reduced given the time it takes. Also because the installations are all non-invasive they can be removed without a trace.

Our first kit was a backup camera for a 2011 GT-R, driven by very expensive alternatives that didn't work the way we wanted. Next was the bypass kits, these modifications have been done on many different cars, but they always require the cars wiring harness to be cut and spliced. Our kits are plug and play and leaves the cars wiring in tact. 

Then came the GT-R Memory box which is a unique product you will not find anywhere else.

We then added a folding a mirror module, steering lock harnesses, plug and play remote start unitAuto Shift module and most recently a Beep Defeater module