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Latest News

January 18th 2020: Shipping from the UK available on some kits 

We are now able to ship some kits from the UK so if you are based in the UK or Europe please contact us as we can save you money on shipping costs.

August 9th 2016: Update website to hopefully simplify navigation 

As the number of vehicles we support for our bypass kits has increased the left-hand navigation was becoming very cluttered. Given that we are experimenting with a simpler horizontal navigation bar. 

August 11th 2014: Please provide contact details 
Increasingly we find that email addresses used for Paypal or when placing orders are old email addresses or email addresses that the customer check infrequently. Unfortunately that leave us no easy or quick way of contacting the customer if we have questions or for us to provide tracking numbers etc. 

Additionally we need telephone numbers for international orders but we find most customers leave the field blank, which causes a delay in shipping. 

April 10th 2014: Availability of Rear Cameras - 

We hope to have more cameras delivered early next week, hopefully Monday 14th April 2014

March 30th 2014: Availability of Rear Cameras - 
We use the Kenwood CMOS-210 camera, which we feels is the best camera and better than the factory camera. but unfortunately Kenwood themselves are out of stock. They are bringing out a new CMOS-220 version, which probably wont be much different to the CMOS-210 (if at all), but it does mean we are waiting on Kenwood to switch. They said they would start shipping early to mid March, so we were hoping we would have had a shipment by now, but nothing yet. They just keep just saying soon, which isn't very helpful and we will update the website as soon as we have more stock or more news.

January 1st 2014: Happy New Year - Now Accepting Orders Again and Shipping Resumes Jan 2nd 2014

December 16th 2013First batch of Reversing Beep Defeaters were shipped and feedback has been great

December 11th 2013Holiday Notice - Shipping will stop on Dec 19th 2013 and resume on Jan 2nd 2014

December 9th 2013: Coming Soon a Reversing Beep Defeater for Nissan GTR

November 11th 2013: Best of both worlds for roll racers - GTR Auto Shift Modules now available

Auto mode is great for races from a dig, but cannot really be used for roll racing because you cannot hold the optimum gear when preparing for the launch/start of the race

Enter the GTR Auto Shift Module, which gives you the best of both worlds. You can stay in manual mode and control the gears via the paddles, but then have the module shift up automatically. Using the buttons on the steering wheel you can program what RPM you want the module to automatically shift up for you (which can be different per gear). Then when you go WOT the unit will shift for you, giving you the flexibility of being in manual mode, but knowing you will be shifting at the perfect point every time.

July 13th 2013: Coming Soon - You choose!

Previously we only offered the remote bypass kit on our website for a number of reasons. 

1) It was the most stealth install because there are no mounted switches
2) It had the added advantage of being able to be paired with spare homelink buttons.

Having said that we would occasionally offer other solutions as one offs, but we are now going to offer those solutions to anyone. We still expect the remote solution will be by far the most popular, but acknowledge that not everyone wants the same thing. 

So what are we now offering? 

1) The existing standard remote solution that we have always offered
Same price as always $174.99

2) A Plug and Play harness (just like the remote unit) but instead of the remote module the kit comes with two toggle switches.
Target Price $130

3) Plug and Play harness (just like the remote unit) and then a harness with instructions for using your own switches.

Target Price $105

July 6th 2013: Nissan GTR PnP Remote Start Kits Now Generally Available

August 19th 2012: Coming soon Nissan Quest Bypass kit

July 6th 2012: GT-R Product Selection Wizard added

July 6th 2012: Installers page added

June 25th 2012: 
Bypass Kit as a seperate item added for US 2009-10 GT-Rs was previously only available with rear camera kit)

May 23rd 2012:
Nissan Murano Bypass Kit for US 2009+ BOSE audio without SatNav now available

April 1st 2012: Please be aware that no orders will be shipped between 9th-23rd April.
We will continue to deal with inquiries and answer any support questions but it may take a little long than normal.
We will also be setting stock levels to zero on all items to avoid customers ordering without realizing about this shutdown period

March 22nd 2012: Nissan Leaf Remote Bypass Kit now available

Available January 25th 2012: GT-R Front Cameras
Video below of how useful the front camera is when parking..

Now Available - Limited Supply: Nissan GT-R Memory Box

NOW AVAILABLE: Nissan GT-R Backup Camera Kit US MY2009/10 with Bypass and front Camera Options