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Steering Lock Harness

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Steering Lock Harness for Nissan 370z
This product was in response to a request from 370z.com members to create a solution that is discussed here and allow others to follow in Fritz's footsteps without having to cut any wires on the car harness.

We are simply providing a plug and play harness which allows you to effectively break/cut the "brown" wire by way of a connector (shown in the lower picture oo the right) or you can add a switch if you prefer.

The kit contains the harness, two additional crimp connectors (for adding switch) and two cable ties.

Note: This is to avoid costly repair bills by disabling the steering lock before it fails. If your steering lock isn't working this will not help you unless you can get it to unlock one last time.

Price: $50 plus shipping http://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart;i=BDL004;cl=203840;ejc=2
Kit Contents

Picture showing brown wire disconnected