We offer kits for the Nissan GT-R both US and Non-US models

With many of the kits it is important to understand which Navigation system or which year the car is.

Understanding the different models and regional differences

US cars are numbered a year ahead of the rest of the world a US MY2011 would be an European 2010 (known as EDM-2010)

Navigation systems - New vs Old

The Newer Digital Navigation System

This is the system that makes the backup camera with the moving grid-lines possible.

The US MY2011 was the first US GTR that included the new digital navigation system
In Europe and Australia the Satellite Navigation cars were launched with the new navigation, therefore all EU and Australian SatNav cars have the newer system

The Older Non digital Navigation System

This was used in European and Australian on all non SatNav cars and all US MY2009 and MY2010 GT-Rs regardless of spec.

A third Navigation System/Screen

A third system appears to be used is some JDM (Japanese Spec cars) where the connector on the back of the screen has 16-pins rather than 24. We do not have any solutions for this system and unfortunately have not been able to identify which cars have this screen without access the back of the screen to check the connectors.

Backup camera options for older non digital navigation screens

For these systems a Composite to RGB video converter is required. Previously because there were several other vendors offering kits for these cars I chose not to. However, because costs are much higher than they probably should be and I have been approached many times I have reconsidered that position and now offer a kit that is cheaper and better than the competition Please see Backup Camera and Remote Bypass Kit for US2009/10 cars.

Auxiliary Video input

All US year models have a connector hidden in the passenger foot well that gives an Aux video/input input. The Aux video input is a great way of adding a front facing camera (with the required bypasses).
For non-US cars:
We know that the EDM (European cars) are at a disadvantage in that respect as the connector is not present on any EDM cars. 
From what we have seen Australia cars follow the European cars and do not have the connector.
JDM (Japanese cars) do appear to have the connector

Front Cameras

We currently offer a front camera as an option on the Nissan GT-R bypass kit (remote) and as an option on
Backup Camera and Remote Bypass Kit for US2009/10 cars