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Reversing Camera and Bypass Kit with Optional Front Camera
 for US2009/10 and EU Non SatNav Cars


Bypass those annoying limitations, like not allowing a passenger to use all the features of the navigation system while the car is moving. See "Bypasses Explained" for more details of the bypasses and what they do.


  • Full step by step instructions with lots of pictures
  • No soldering
  • No cutting of any wires
  • No drilling
  • High-Quality Kenwood Camera
  • High-Quality Composite to RGB Converter
  • Camera image appears automatically when engaging reverse
  • Kit provides three video inputs
    • An input for the backup camera which automatically activates when engaging reverse
    • Two other inputs that could be used for front cameras or other video devices.
    • The additional inputs are switchable with a neat 'push to toggle' switch that can be mounted without drilling any holes. There is also a remote supplied for switching if required.
  • Can be Installed in 2-3hrs (Based on rear camera only)
Remote Bypass Kit
  • Button 1 activates the parking brake bypass which can be configured to be permanently bypassed
  • Button 2 toggles the speed sensor bypass allowing navigation input while the car is moving
  • Button 3 activates the reversing cameras without needing to engage reverse
  • Button 4 Toggle the additional video sources, front camera etc 
This remote can also be paired to HomeLink® buttons on the rear view mirror

TERMS - PLEASE READ: The bypass modification is to enable passengers to enter navigation updates or use disabled functions like entering telephone numbers. This should not be used by the driver and while this modification technically also permits a DVD to be played while driving that is not the intention and we take no responsibility for any misuse of this modification.

Please ensure you have read and understood the terms above before proceeding.

FOR US2009-10 Cars please take a look at the Newer V3 Bypass Kit for US2009-10

Rear Camera & Remote Bypass Kit: $675;i=1063205;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=&o2=

Rear Camera & Remote Bypass Kit with Front Camera: $815;i=1063205;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=&o2=with%20front%20Cam

Rear Camera & Remote Bypass Kit with Front Camera and AUX AV: $865;i=1063205;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=with%20AUX%20AV&o2=with%20front%20Cam

Rear Camera & Remote Bypass Kit with AUX AV: $725;i=1063205;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=with%20AUX%20AV&o2=

FOR US2009-10 Cars please take a look at the Newer V3 Bypass Kit for US2009-10