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Nissan GT-R Reversing Camera Kit
for US2009/10 and EU Non SatNav models

Finally an affordable plug and play backup camera solution for US MY2009 and MY2010 GT-Rs


  • Full step by step instructions with lots of pictures
  • No soldering
  • No cutting of any wires
  • No drilling
  • High Quality Kenwood Camera
  • High Quality Composite to RGB Converter
  • Camera image appears automatically when engaging reverse
  • Kit provides three video inputs
    • An input for the backup camera, automatically activated when engaging reverse
    • Two other inputs that could be used for front cameras or other video devices.
    • The additional inputs are switchable with a neat 'push to toggle' switch that can be mounted without drilling any holes. There is also a remote supplied for switching if required.
  • Can be installed in ~3hrs

Please Note: With just this backup camera kit the installation does require tapping into one wire (the reversing signal wire) using a supplied Scotch-Lock connector. Consider purchasing the rear camera and bypass kit together, this is not only the best value, but also removes the need to tap into that wire.

Rear Camera Kit: $450;i=1063316;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=

Rear Camera Kit with Front Camera: $590;i=1063316;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=with%20Front%20Cam