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Nissan GT-R Reversing Camera Kit
for US MY2011+ and All EU SatNav GTRs (harness only)


  • Full step by step instructions with lots of pictures
  • No soldering
  • No cutting of any wires
  • No drilling
  • Uses factory software with on-screen guide lines
  • Camera image appears automatically when engaging reverse
  • Full details on configuring the guidelines
  • Installed in less than 2hrs - Requires the removal of the Multi Functional Display (MFD) but NOT the AV unit

Price: $120 plus shipping;i=1063311-BDL001H;cl=203840;ejc=2

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When supplying your own camera you will need to attach the power connector to your camera and adapt the bracket in the case of the CMOS-230 camera . If you purchase the full kit including the camera we make the necessary adjustments for you.

International owners please note that an NTSC camera needs to be used regardless of you local video standard. I recommend the Kenwood CMOS-230 camera but if you decide to try another camera please ensure it is an NTSC camera.