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Nissan GTR Auto Shift Module for 2009-2016
(2017 owners please contact us for 2017 solution)

Best of both worlds for roll racers!!

Auto mode is great for races from a dig, but it cannot really be used for roll racing, because you cannot hold the optimum gear when preparing for the launch/start of the race.

Enter the GTR Auto Shift Module, which gives you the best of both worlds! You can stay in manual mode and control the gears via the paddles while lining up. Then have the module shift up automatically even though you are still in manual

Using the buttons on the steering wheel you can program what RPM you want the module to automatically shift up for you (which can be different per gear). Then when you accelerate the unit will shift for you, giving you the flexibility of being in manual mode, but knowing you will be shifting at the perfect point every time.


  • Full control over the shift points through the steering wheel buttons
  • Does not need to be sent back to change shift point
  • Voice confirmation of the settings (see video below)
  • Different shift points for every gear
  • Does not occupy OBD port
  • Plug n play harness with two wire taps using insert-able pins. No cutting/splicing
  • Headphone jack to use headphones or powered speakers if desired