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Plug and Play Remote Start
for all US Nissan GTRs using OEM Remote


Nissan GTR Plug and play Remote Start kit that uses the OEM remote and can be installed in minutes. Just like all of our kits there is no cutting, drilling or soldering just simply plug and play.


  • Start the car with the OEM Remote
  • Installed in 5-15 minutes!
  • Full step by step instructions
  • No soldering
  • No cutting of any wires
  • No drilling

We offer two choice, why: 

Basically, as a stand alone OEM lock x3 remote start they are almost identical. It is just that one is using Fortin technology and the other Directed. Installation is the same with both kits and they are both as easy as each other.

The Directed kit really comes in if you are thinking of adding a Smartstart module that allows control from a smartphone. The reason is that Directed also makes the smartstart, so as you would expect they work perfectly together.

If you don't want Smartstart then there is really no reason to buy the more expensive Directed kit.

$299 for Fortin Based Solution;i=BDL006;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=US%20GTR%20PnP%20Remote%20Start%20-%20Fortin%20Based

The Fortin based solution is ideal for someone wanting just the standalone system, using the OEM keyfob Lock x3 to start/stop. It supports “get in and drive” functionality.  Although it will work with SmartStart module it has slightly reduced functionality over the Directed solutions and therefore we recommend the Directed based solution if you think you might want the SmartStart module in the future.

$349 for Directed based Solution;i=BDL006;cl=203840;ejc=2&o1=US%20GTR%20PnP%20Remote%20Start%20-%20Directed%20Based

The Directed based solution is ideally suited to those looking to add SmartStart or extended range remotes. Like the Fortin kit and the previous Directed based kit it has support for OEM keyfob lock x3 to start/stop, SmartStart support and “Get it and drive” functionality.  This kit is based on a more expensive offering from Directed and there are a couple of advantages of this kit over the previous Directed kit:

  • It is technically possible to have extended range remote AND Smartstart install simultaneously
  • When adding an extended range remote the XL202 module is not required as it was with the previous offering

Why not add the Reversing Beep Defeater to your order and save some money and get the simplest of installs only adding a couple of minutes to the Remote start install.

 Fortin Based Kit

Directed Based Kit

Video showing installation of Prototype