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Ultimate V3 Bypass and Remote Start Kit for US2017

Kit Includes: Bypass Module with Remote and Smartphone Control, Front Camera and optional Remote Start

What’s New for V3:

  • Now supports Bluetooth control via Apple and Android App
  • Option to automatically restore bypass settings when vehicle is restarted
  • Speed and Brake bypasses are now activated with one command/switch
  • One touch front camera activation without interrupting audio
  • Remote Start from Factory Keyfob or Smartphone (and even Apple Watch)
Additional Highlights:
  • Full step by step instructions with lots of pictures
  • Simple to install and fully reversible
  • No cutting of any wires or soldering
  • No drilling holes
  • Free iOS and Android App available
  • Wireless remote - No switches to install
    (Remote is Pairable with HomeLink® buttons on the rearview mirror)
  • Bypass those annoying limitations, for example not allowing a passenger to use all the features of the navigation system while the car is moving. See Bypasses Explained V3 for more details of the bypasses and what they do.

Please Note that videos are of MY2011-2016 but this kit is for the MY2017+ with the newer AV/Navigation system