Below is a small sample of what our customers have been saying.

"Easiest install ever, Id put this remote start difficulty level between: adding window washer fluid and checking the oil " GTR Owner

"The install appointment went super smooth thanks to your amazing kit!!!  Just as you had stated, everything was installed within minutes and worked perfectly on the very first try.  The installer & myself literally looked at one another in complete shock & amazement.  The installer was completely blown away at how easy it was to install; especially after wasting 7-8 hours troubleshooting these other so-called “plug & play” units.  Your kit should undoubtedly be the gold standard for any/every 370z owner(s) looking for a remote start kit using the oem key fob.  In addition to a great product, your customer service has been absolutely top notch.  I’m super satisfied with everything and very happy that I found out about your company.  With that said, please continue producing great products and feel free to let me know if/when you have any other cool stuff available for the 370z." 370z Owner

"Just installed the remote start. Man that was probably the easiest thing I have ever installed, It took more work for me to assemble my computer chair than it did to install that remote start. Thanks for making such a sweet product, answering all my questions and being awesome." GTR Owner

Just received my audio bypass today. Have 4 things to say:  
Great service!  
Easy hookup! 
Audio fidelity is great!

Thank you!" GTR Owner

"seriously folks, this is the best mod for the NAV cars you can get! Buy it or regret it...." 370z Owner

"Grabbing one of these kits while available is a wise move for those with Nav. A more then terrific offering at a bargain price. Reality is if you have a pricey 370Z with Nav, many of it's goodies are crippled thanks to Nissan. Crippled unless you do something about it. This kit over-rides the crippling! Install of this kit is a no brainer/easy, easy."  370z Owner

"Got it today and installed it right after work. Took an hour, but that was on my own car. If I did one on someone else's car, it would only take half that-- Seriously though, nice job Brian. Thank you for taking the time to source oem connectors, proper R&D, and producing such a professional harness. The wife is happy about not having me pull over to do nav inputs too. And the instructions were flawless. Keep up the good work and put me on your mailing list for new tricks." 370z Owner

"I installed my kit a little over a week ago. Great product just like the camera kit! Both the forward and reverse switch positions work as advertised. One added bonus of the reverse camera being activated while driving forward was that it works great as a blind spot eliminator. I have my camera pointed more straight back than down like most I've seen." 370z Owner

"Well, my Z was away for the winter and I finally got around to installing the camera. I have to say, for a guy who never so much as changes a fuse on a car, the install was fiarly simple. I took my time and did it in 4 hours. If I can do it, anyone can." 370z Owner

"I just finished installing my kit the other day. Took me awhile to get around to it but after I started it didn't take me long at all. It was so easy with the directions provided. Thanks to both Jeffblue and BDL99 for setting this up." 370z Owner

"so i got my camera kit from Brian yesterday and installed it the same day. It took me 4 hours, but that's because i worked extra slow, no need to rush. it works perfect, i love it. If i could drive in reverse all day i would do it. lol.... Thanks Brian" 370z Owner

"I just installed bdl's reverse camera kit this weekend and it's fantastic! The camera looks completely stock and the installation was every bit as easy as he said it would be (thanks to his great directions). The guideline settings he gave are absolutely spot-on! In fact, they're more accurate than my friend's stock R8 guidelines. I would highly recommend his kit to anyone in the market." GT-R Owner

"At first I was quite nervous about installation as on a scale of 1 to 10 I am a zero (imagine, I even had trouble putting on Super-Z bracket for my V1 detector!) in terms of DIY skills. After reading/studying instructions from Brian for about 2 days (yes, he was nice enough to email those instructions for me to go over even before I placed my order!) I was ready to give it a shot. BTW, ordering and check out was super easy and super clear (it's the best and easiest check out process I've encountered from any on-line purchase). So at this point, I had a pretty good feeling about the seller and his product. So 3 days passed, I got my kit last Saturday. On Sunday (yesterday) I set out to do the install myself. Bear in mind, I'm a ZERO skill DIYer.....but guess what? In about 2.5 hours I was DONE!!! A little sweating along the way but definitely no swearing from me at all (that's quite unusual....just ask my wife & she'll tell you). Installation went very smooth. If I can do this install, heck, anybody can do it, no kidding. A side note: at one point my wife decided to peek in the garage to see if I was ok since she didn't hear me cussing at myself at all....hahaha. That goes to tell how smooth the install went.

Instructions were very detailed with LOTS of pictures to follow and go by. I wouldn't say it's easy but at least not complicated. Product is of top quality too. I am very pleased with the overall experience including purchasing, installation and product quality/performance. Thank you Brian for putting together a very nice kit at a very attractive price with super detailed step-by-step instructions for a zero skill DIYer like myself. Now I can back my 2011 GT-R down my long driveway without fear of hitting anything!!

Just want to add: Product looks very much OEM. Camera is well hidden. Picture is crystal clear with guide lines that are spot on. And the best part is it's all automatic. You put the gear in reverse and the screen goes to the back up camera. No switch or button to push at all. " GT-R Owner

"I just had this rear view camera installed in my 2011. I had a local shop do it. Shipping was extremely fast. The installers had no problems installing it. There are no marks on my car, inside or out, and you only notice the camera itself if you get on your knees and look above the licence plate. Best of all, it works perfectly! Almost instantly on when shifted into R. good resolution. great view. I like the lines to assist with distance-judgement. Now I can stop parking the car 3 feet from the curb ;-) " GT-R Owner

"Installation was a breeze! You can't even see the camera and the guidelines are sweet! Nissan should have made this a factory option, but this is seriously just as good as if they had! Thanks again for putting this out (and at such a great price!). Worth every penny (and then some)." GT-R Owner

"I have a EDM GT-R from 2009 and bought this kit from Brian. I recommend this kit to everyone who is able to use it. The price is very good and the installation is so easy. Brian is a great guy and his support is top-notch! He answered all my questions immediately, and I had plenty of questions. Camera and grid lines worked perfectly from the beginning." GT-R Owner